Custom Currency

Streamline your global payroll with MangoHR's custom currency feature

As businesses operate on a global scale, managing finances can become complex, especially when it comes to dealing with different currencies. MangoHR’s custom currency feature offers a solution to this challenge by allowing you to manage your finances in your local currency.

Customizable Currency Options

MangoHR’s Custom Currency feature allows you to customize currency options to match your local currency. You can choose from a list of popular currencies or add your own custom currency to the system. This feature enables you to create invoices, track expenses, and manage finances in your preferred currency.

Real-Time Currency Conversion

MangoHR’s Custom Currency feature offers real-time currency conversion, which automatically converts your financial data into your preferred currency. This means that you can monitor your finances in your local currency, even if you receive payments in different currencies.


Accurate Financial Reporting

MangoHR’s Custom Currency feature ensures accurate financial reporting by converting all financial data into your local currency. This allows you to generate reports that reflect your financial performance accurately.

Improved Cash Flow

MangoHR’s Custom Currency feature helps you manage your finances efficiently, which can lead to improved cash flow. You can easily track your expenses, invoices, and payments in your local currency, enabling you to make informed financial decisions.


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