Our Story

Our mission

To automate and simplify people processes so that the organization could focus on its core asset, its employees. By doing so, we believe in empowering your employees and transforming employees the organization from good to great.


We help you focus on what matters the most - your employees.

We live in a dynamically evolving ecosystem with billions of organizations trying to make it to the finish line. In our attempts to woo customers and businesses, we take less notice of our employees, the real superheroes who help us survive this cut-throat competition. This results in a disrupted or unfulfilling work culture, siloed work environment, and half-baked information about processes, ultimately impacting our bottom line.

This is exactly what we change with MangoHR.

MangoHR is not just a HR management software, it is how we aim to revolutionize people collaboration and production.


Enabling people to do better and connect better

With the MangoHR Platform, HR processes are automated, and employees are empowered to use self-service tools. This leads to increased productivity and engagement, which are essential ingredients for achieving growth. By automating HR tasks, such as employee data management, leave tracking, and payroll processing, the platform allows HR teams to be more efficient and effective.

Additionally, self-service tools empower employees to manage their own HR tasks, giving them greater control over their work lives. The ultimate goal is to create a more productive and engaged workforce, resulting in improved business outcomes and growth for the organization.


MangoHR - We value everything human and automation

Time Savings

MangoHR Automation saves you significant amounts of time for HR personnel, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks such as talent development and employee engagement.


MangoHR help ensure compliances with employment laws and regulations by automating processes such as onboarding and offboarding, benefits administration, and time tracking.

Improved employee experience

Our powerful tool enhances employee experience by streamlining processes, providing self-service options, and improving communication

Increased Productivity

Improve productivity by reducing the time and effort required to complete HR tasks and empower your teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Data Insight

Gain valuable data insights to take critical business decisions faster, drive business outcomes, identify high-performance employees and areas for improvement in talent management processes.


As your company grows, MangoHR helps ensure that HR processes can scale efficiently and effectively to accommodate the increased volume of employees and associated tasks.


Automation + Human Technical Acumen = MangoHR

When we were building MangoHR, we asked our very own employees the challenges they face with workplace collaboration and what features that they would like to have in such a tool. All that knowledge and feedback has resulted in MangoHR, a powerful HR automation tool, with growing number of new organisations embracing it every day.

In true sense, MangoHR is a tool made by the people, for the people. We’re glad to have had the opportunity to develop something like this and look forward for you to try it.