Project Calendar

Keep calm and let MangoHR handle your project deadlines.

Managing multiple projects and deadlines can be overwhelming, but with MangoHR’s project calendar view feature, you can easily visualize and manage your project timelines in one place. No more juggling project timelines like a circus act! MangoHR has got you covered.

With MangoHR, you'll never have to worry about missing a project deadline again

MangoHR’s project calendar feature is an essential tool for project managers who want to keep their projects on track and on schedule. With its centralized view, customizable options, resource management, real-time updates, collaboration, and notifications, it helps project managers manage their projects more efficiently and effectively.


Say hello to efficient project scheduling

Our project calendar software allows you to schedule tasks and projects with ease. You can assign tasks to team members and set deadlines, ensuring everyone is on the same page. MangoHR also provides an overview of all your projects, so you can quickly see what needs to be done and when.

Customizable calendar views

MangoHR offers customizable calendar views, so you can choose how you want to see your project timelines. You can view by day, week, or month, and filter by project, team member, or task. This feature enables you to see the big picture and make informed decisions about your project schedules.


Real-time project collaboration to drive productivity

Our MangoHR project calendar software provides real-time project collaboration, enabling team members to share and update project schedules as they work. This feature ensures everyone is up-to-date on project timelines and reduces miscommunications.

Smooth integration with project management tools

The HRMS software offers integration with popular project management tools, such as Trello, Asana, and Jira. This enables you to sync project data between our software and your preferred project management tool, saving you time and reducing errors.


No more overloading team members with too much work

MangoHR tool allows you to allocate resources such as team members, equipment, and materials to specific tasks and projects. This helps you to manage resources more efficiently and avoid overloading team members with too much work.

Automated reminders and notifications

Our project calendar software sends automated reminders and notifications for upcoming deadlines, ensuring everyone stays on track. This feature helps to reduce missed deadlines and ensure projects are completed on time.


Easy project management starts here.

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