User Management

Assign and conquer: Master task management & user roles with MangoHR

User management is a critical component of any HRMS tool, and MangoHR is no exception. With its user management feature, MangoHR enables organizations to manage user roles, permissions, and access control with ease. With robust analytics and reporting capabilities, MangoHR empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve their productivity

Assign tasks to the right personnel on your team

Assign different tasks to users based on their roles and responsibilities. Managers can delegate tasks to the appropriate team members, ensuring that each task is assigned to the right person. Create custom user roles, giving them more control over task management.

Establish full control over user permissions

Control access to certain features within MangoHR. Grant or restrict access to specific tasks or modules based on a user’s role and responsibilities. This ensures that users only have access to the tasks and modules that are relevant to their role, improving overall productivity and security.



Streamline task management and collaboration like a pro

Enables collaboration among team members, improving overall task management. Managers can assign tasks to multiple team members, and team members can view each other’s tasks to ensure they are on track. Additionally, users can comment and add notes to tasks, ensuring that everyone is aware of the task’s progress and status.

Get the right insights into your team's productivity

Derive valuable analytics and reporting on user performance. Managers can view task completion rates and track user productivity, providing insights into areas that may require improvement. This information can be used to optimize task management and improve overall productivity.



Effortlessly manage teams for successful outcomes

You can create teams and assign tasks to specific teams rather than individual users. This can be particularly useful for larger projects where multiple teams are involved.

Empower your users with complete profile control

Users can manage their own profiles, including their personal information and notification preferences. This ensures that users have control over their own data and settings, making them more likely to engage with the task management system.



Do and achieve more with MangoHR

MangoHR’s user-friendly human tools and enthusiastic support team make it effortless to empower your employees and drive business growth. Get started with MangoHR today!