Task Status Management

Beautiful profile for employees to show off

Mango enables you to keep employee satisfaction at the front end of the business. It gives your employees an appealing interface for their own profile, which has their information structured in a beautiful way. Just like their personalized web page!


A place for employees to showcase themselves

With Mango, your employees get a well-structured foundation where they can exhibit their identity including brief life story, likes, about him/her, role in the company etc as per their wish.


Everything about an employee in a timeline view

Never miss a deadline again. Our project overview software tracks all your projects’ timelines and milestones, ensuring that you’re always aware of what’s due and when. Plus, our automated alerts and reminders keep you and your team on track, making sure that you’re always one step ahead.



Digitize all your HR and employee documents

Mango HRMS lets you digitize every process in your organization and helps you transform into a paperless organization. Your first step to digital transformation.


Functional and organization structures to suit your needs

Mango HRMS architecture is flexible enough to create any kind of flat or hierarchical organization structures that can accommodate any complex operational process of a business. Create divisions, departments, business units, locations, branches, or any custom functional groups.


Do and achieve more with MangoHR

MangoHR’s user-friendly human tools and enthusiastic support team make it effortless to empower your employees and drive business growth. Get started with MangoHR today!